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Large Wood ClampsGluing Up Miter Joints: Tape vs Clamps

Gluing Up Miter Joints: Tape vs Clamps

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Gluing Up Miter Joints: Tape vs Clamps

Gluing up miter joints is a difficult task and getting perfect miter joints is even more difficult. There is nothing worse that spending all the time and money into cutting nice miters on your pieces for your woodworking project only to have a poor glue up. And with miter joints, it can easily happen. Probably the most common method of “clamping” miter joints is the tape method or the blue tape method. However, my experience is that the resulting woodworking joint is far from perfect. So…is there a better way. The answer is yes. By using some very simple clamping cauls you can get proper clamping pressure on a miter joint that will give you predictable results.

In this video we will look in depth at both taping miter joints and clamping miter joints and we will discuss some of the many problems and limitations of using the taping method when gluing up a miter joint. Some of those problems are:
*Not being able to see the joint you are gluing up until you take the tape off:
*Not being able to clean up glue that gets on the outside of the joint.
*Not being able to adjust the clamping pressure.
*Tape failure during the middle of the glue up.

While I believe that there is still a place in the woodworking workshop for the tape method, it is important to understand its limitations and to know how to properly clamp together a miter joint when you need that perfect miter joint, because sometimes it matters.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Gluing Miter Joints: Tape vs. Clamps
0:25 The Difficulty of Miter Joints
0:46 The Blue Tape Method: Some problems arise
3:28 Proper Clamping: Perpendicular to the Center
4:08 Proper Miter Clamping: Still Perpendicular to the Center
6:53 Gluing Up the Blue Tape Miter
10:28 Gluing Up the Clamped Miter
13:28 Gluing Up the Bathroom Vanity Miter
17:28 Examining the Blue Tape Miter
20:44 Examining the Clamped Miter
21:30 Examining the Bathroom Vanity Miter
22:33 Concluding Thoughts
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  1. Excellent tutorial on the topic, I know where my next 1/4 plywood scraps are going! BTW I blinked and you gained 2500 subs, congrats and well deserved!


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