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Florip ToolworksFlorip Toolworks 9" Dovetail Saw

Florip Toolworks 9" Dovetail Saw

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Hello All! We are back with another great review and giveaway! This time around we have a 9″ Dovetail Saw from Florip Toolworks. Eric Florip was recently featured in Popular Woodworking, and getting some attention by making some amazing saws at a very affordable price.

Erik makes these saw from start to finish in house, which allows him to offer them at an incredible price. Do yourself a favor and check him out!

Florip Toolworks – http://floriptoolworks.com/

Anne Of All Trades: https://www.youtube.com/user/allaboutanne18

Giveaway – https://gleam.io/competitions/5WN1T-florip-toolworks-dovetail-saw

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Erik Florip’s 3-minute pitch: Choosing passion over what is sensible.

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  1. Cant say enough good things about Florip. I bought a Lie-Nielsen DT Saw at the same time as the Florip for comparison. Performance: No better, no worse- preferential. Florip is every bit as good as LN. Finish: The Florip saw is a higher finish than LN. Personally I like the handle profile better on the Florip, more control/confidence. The bench saw is an absolute delight! Highly recommended.

  2. I'm just starting to build my collection of handsaws. I started with a tapered crosscut carcass saw from Lie-Nielsen and will check out Mr. Florip's tenon and dovetail saws next. Thanks for reviewing his work.

  3. Love Eric's business, the knowledge and processes he shares on Insta… and most of all, his saws.

    I've been following him for ages and have drooled over his creations constantly. Seeing the time, effort and exploration that goes into his business makes me appreciate his tools more.

    The world needs more tool makers like him.

  4. awesome story…thanks for your service and I will be undoubtedly be ordering more than one of your saws. They are top notch.


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