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Rob Cosman DovetailFirst time cutting Dovetails using the Rob Cosman Method!! BRILLIANT

First time cutting Dovetails using the Rob Cosman Method!! BRILLIANT

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This is my first attempt of cutting Dovetails by hand using the Rob Cosman Method and Using his Dovetail Saw and small marking saw. what a joy using these artisan tools and the brilliance of this method!

you can check out his method in detail here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8SrH6HbDdQ

Note: I also follow his method and tools for sharpening, it is easy and fast, check it out here:
Planes Sharpening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okLIEoz00v0
Chisel Sharpening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMx5HWLHdI

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Rob describes his second saw offering, the crosscut saw. This saw is ready out of the box to cut the cleanest shoulders you have ever seen on a tenon! Taking advantage of the thousands of teaching hours he has logged across three countries, Rob built a crosscut saw tailored to the hand tool woodworker. Check it out!

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  1. Hey Rob, remember me?
    Any way,surfing the YouTube, I discovered a piece of history even though it was posted a few days ago, I wonder what you have to comment about it.
    Remember you with a Lie Nielsen T shirt and a LIE NIELSEN Dovetail Saw? :
    Go to: How To Hand Cut Dovetail Joints – Part 1 – Pro Woodworking Tutorials

  2. Rob
    I didn't think for a moment that you'll "bite", but any way you're a good sport and it was real fun corresponding with you, I hope I didn't "torment" you too much, your handsaw, it's a good saw, I don't mean to discredit it, I'll be glad to shake your hand if I meet you, I think you'll remember me.
    If you want me to remove my postings, just say so, as for buying, maybe if I hit the lottery some day or I get a good discount from you, for all time sake…

  3. Rob, I have a folded Katana, so, your #1 isn't valid, #2 you missed the whole thing, #3 my spelling is fine.
    Here is a challenge Rob, since your saw is 3.5 times more expensive than a Veritas, do you think it cuts 3.5 times faster/better?
    Lets put it on a competition: On Feb 22, I'll be at the Woodworking show in Somerset NJ, if you show up, I'm willing to BUY your saw at full price if your saw can cut 3.5 times faster than a Veritas, if you loose, I get yours free.
    #5 you're right, it is fun.

  4. Rob, your saw blade is NOT a folded KATANA that that was hand forged hammered and polished to perfection that takes weeks! your blade is a thin sheet of steel rolled out in miles of length and cut to size mounted in a PLASTIC handle, and teeth are cut, the whole process takes MINUTES to make by machines, there you have it.
    I don't knock it because I didn't try it but there is no chance on this world that I'm buying one for that price.
    As I mentioned, I'll accept it as a GIFT from you, sincerly

  5. To be honest, no, never saw it on any of the Woodworking shows I went. I tried the Veritas and I liked it very much, especially the price and more so, even if I will "really, REALLY" like it, there is no way I'm willing to spend over $250 for a piece of glorified "tin" with a plastic handle, which I'm sure many will agree with me on this.
    Rob, this doesn't makes of you any less of craftsman and if you like to be my Santa, I'll accept your gift to prove me wrong, heck , I'll even write about it.

  6. Did I touched a nerve Bob? No Had Saw in the world made of steel and a plastic handle is worth $250!, I don't care how well it cuts. The LN has a Hardwood handle that was Hand made, cut, filed, and finished which is labor, a molded piece of plastic what you call Epoxy which is no more than plastic ain't worth more than a hardwood handle and here I think most people will agree with me, maybe even you.
    I'm not against enterprising and you're entitle to your opinion as well as I'm entitle to mine.

  7. No disrespect to you and your ability as a craftsman but in my humble opinion your saw is not any superior to LN or Veritas to justify double the price on LN and 3.5 times the Veritas. Santa is not around the corner for all the people, maybe for you he is.

  8. great! i love doing exercises to improve on technique…and that pretty much goes with all tools in the workshop. doing exercises makes u understand your material and tool so much better.

    so please show us more exercises to improve your skills. mainly on hand-tools like the saw, planes and chisels.

    thanks. much appreciated.

  9. Thanks for the reply!
    I certainly believe the tools are worth every penny, and if money were no object I'd buy at least one of everything you make!

    I sincerely want talented crafts-people and teachers (like yourself) to make a good living too! So I have no problem with the price. I'll have to wait until the kids are out of college though before I get my happy retirement toys!

    Best Wishes and highest regards!


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