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Woodworking Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ: Miter Saw Laser Adjustment

FAQ: Miter Saw Laser Adjustment

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  1. Hahaha come on, a padlock on an unplugged saw? That's like 4 layers of security above common sense. Crazy what companies have to do to make sure they are covered, in case an idiot cuts themselves.

  2. I have the 10 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser. The laser lines up correctly when the blade is in the up position but travels to the left when pulling the blade down. Is this correct?

  3. HI, i got a ems 254 ryobi, the hardware shop already sent me a third laser cause the previous ones did not give a sharp line anymore but a hazy wide beam.
    The third one though does not create a laser line in the right angle, i don't see an adjusment screw for this so.. how.
    Thanks Mike

  4. I'm a total woodworking amateur, so forgive this stupid question. By Left edge of Kerf, do you mean the left side of the cut? It is hard to see from this video, but it looks like the laser is resting on the right side of the cut after the adjustment.


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