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Cedar Woodworking PlansEasy cedar for woodworking projects || The Colorful Eastern Red Cedar Cutting...

Easy cedar for woodworking projects || The Colorful Eastern Red Cedar Cutting Board

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Easy cedar for woodworking projects || The Colorful Eastern Red Cedar Cutting Board

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Why Use Cedar For Woodworking Projects?
When you were a kid, you probably saw a lot of those woodworking plans that were drawn up by people who had spent long hours cutting, sanding and polishing wood just to get the perfect piece. Now, as an adult you want to get involved with woodworking projects but you aren’t sure how to start. The following will help you out.

First the pros said it all. Part one of the big woodworking Plans That You Want to Avoid websites recommended it first. It offers a simple and complete set of woodworking ideas, tools lists, blueprints, materials lists and even easy-to-follow videos that would allow you to easily finish a top quality woodworking project in the shortest amount of time. Basically anybody who’s interested in constructing woodworking projects can learn it successfully from the comfort of their own home with the aid of free woodworking plan templates… all from the comfort of their own home! This means no more moving and hunting from place to get the exact pieces you need.
What if you aren’t exactly a woodworking project veteran? Does this mean that you shouldn’t use reclaimed wood? Absolutely not! Reclaimed wood is just as sturdy and often just as beautiful as softwoods or hardwoods. In fact, the beauty of a reclaimed wood project is that you can really add your own personal touch and make it as unique as you want.
As for cedar wood, we’re not only talking about just outdoor woodworking projects that produce something out of a piece of wood. There are actually many situations where cedar would be a wise choice for home construction as well. Cedar’s naturally appealing wood grain complements any type of home furniture, but it also adds a unique charm to any deck or patio furniture. And when used on exterior walls or even as siding, cedar’s dual appeal to both indoor AND outdoor use is another bonus.

Aside from its beauty and practicality, there’s also the fact that cedar is such a great, naturally-available resource. Hardwoods like oak and maple are far more rare and are only found in naturally cleared out forests. The demand for lumber for crafting purposes is therefore substantially higher, making cedar a real bargain. Plus, the fact that cedar wood is naturally impervious to decay makes it an excellent wood for crafting projects that require prolonged exposure to the elements (i.e. patios and decks).

Finally, one of the best reasons to use cedar for woodworking projects is that the wood is so affordable. Reclaimed wood planters can run several hundred dollars; and this includes labor for picking, cleaning and planning the ideal planter. Cedar planters, on the other hand, cost just a few dollars. So if you’re looking for a new, low-cost way to beautify your backyard, consider cedar for your next outdoor project. And the savings don’t stop there – you can often reuse or resell your planters as well!
Finishing Your Cedar Project
Finishing your Cedar Project The first step in finishing your Cedar Project is to strip the old varnish from all of the hardware. You should already be using wood screws that are rated for woodworking, if you’re using other screws they probably won’t work. When you strip the old varnish you also get the old dirt and grime build up off of the wood screws, but don t worry they all leave small tiny nuggets of wood.

Next, use a wood polishing compound that is designed to work on wood and varnish. The best ones tend to be mineral based and are chemical free. After you have used the wood polishing compound you will need to allow it to sit for a day or so, just letting the wood soak in the compound.

If your woodworking project uses veneer, then the only step that remains is to use wood filler. There are several different wood filler materials that you can use, but my favorite are wood chips and wood shavings. Just make sure you never use anything as fine as compressed sawdust as filler.

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