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Table Saw Dovetail JigDovetail Jig for the Table Saw // Woodworking Joinery

Dovetail Jig for the Table Saw // Woodworking Joinery

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I have seen a few pictures of a similar dovetail table saw jig, and videos of people using them, but I could not find a video on anyone making one, so I decided to give it a shot and figure it out! I think the end result is pretty cool, let me know what you think!

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For more details on this jig, check out my website – https://www.3x3custom.com/tutorials/table-saw-dovetail-jig

Hand cut dovetail tutorial video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hP-QAAhpxQ



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Some tools used in this video were provided to me, all opinions are my own.

If you like the look of hand-cut dovetails, but don’t have time (or patience) for all the meticulous work it takes to create them, then try this table saw sliding dovetail sled to cut 90 percent of each joint. The jig cuts dovetails far faster than you can cut them by hand, and you can size the pins and tails and customize their spacing to suit just about any project – join drawer sides, build a box or small chest, etc.

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  1. Your videos are so instructive and delightful to watch. I really like the trial and error approach. This really helps to make the move when it's your turn ! Many thanks 🙂

  2. How you entered this trade which is mainly done by male members although I appreciate your skill and love for wood working

  3. Just saw a video of yours that is only some days old. Your video making got really better in the last two years.
    Keep the good work up 👆

  4. Tamar…you are so delightful to watch…and I really enjoy how genuine you are when you endeavor upon a project and you show some of the shortcomings warts and all…this is integrity Tamar at its finest! I am 70 years young and was raised the "old school" way coming on up…you embody all of the "old school" ethics…principles…morals…and standards…this is so refreshing! You are so adorable and the daughter I never had…I support your advertisers! Keep the video's coming!…and Thank You!

  5. After cutting the angles for your tails on the jig, try resting the tail board against the fence of your crosscut sled the same way u rest it against the tail jig fence. Run it across the blade with the remaining gap between your tails centered on the sled's cut line. That way the blade passes between the tails dead center at a 90 degree angle. With the blade set to the correct height, I suspect that would clear the remaining waste pretty easily. U may not even have to chisel afterwards. Post a vid if you try it. I'm curious to see if it'll work. I'd try myself but I don't have a table saw. Lol

  6. Great video. I've noticed that most people use plywood to make jigs, but I was wondering about using mdf, when I found your video. Do you have any thoughts about the pros and cons of using mdf for woodworking jigs?

  7. Many years since I did dovetails but the best way and the easiest way to get them evenly spaced is to put your rule at an angle across the board and mark the size that fits nicely on that angle then square that down to where the dovetails will be
    Well done over all after so few attempts 😁

  8. Laying in bed with headphones on at 2:30 am I missed "dovetails" at the beginning and was wondering what the H you were making. Nice jig.

  9. Very well done! All is so clear now. I will try and try again but a Router and Table I still want too.Perhaps I can pass it and just use your ideas more. Thanks for a nice Video!

  10. Be advised!! If the miter slots are not the same distance from the blade (as my TS is) this jig won't work. When cutting the tails on the sloped ramps, because of the different distances from the blade, changes the place on the ramp where the cut is made thereby changing the blade height. What a waste of time building this.

  11. muy bien pero explica como hiciste el carrito para tus cortes y haber si lo puedes decir en español x fas..des méxico —saludos

  12. meanwhile in Canada, Rob Cosman has cut three joints by hand, mowed the lawn and enjoyed a frosty IPA by the time this joint is made.

  13. Thank you taking the time to show this really useful jig and use of it How do i download your plans to build the jig?


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