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Wood Turning Near MeDon't listen to the "NAYSAYERS" trust yourself - Gemstone Vase Woodturning

Don't listen to the "NAYSAYERS" trust yourself – Gemstone Vase Woodturning

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Don't listen to the "NAYSAYERS" trust yourself - Gemstone Vase Woodturning

Well, first I was hesitant to start working on this idea, as people around me did not think it was a good idea. I trusted myself and I think it turned out great. This piece was woodturned from a big chunk of elm Burr and green epoxy resin.

I love working with live edge material but hollowing it out caused me a bit of head ache. Still, at the end I managed to get even wall thickness all the way around. Making the crystals was fairly easy I only used my belt sander for it. I think the green epoxy complements the wood very well.

I love this piece and I hope you enjoy watching this video.

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  1. Now thats a great looking display piece.Has a hint of treasure.
    People only hold you back, you own your own imagination, it is there to be used with no limitations except for self doubt

  2. Very very cool my friend. Your videos are always outside of the box thinking and always catch my eye to stop and watch!

  3. just great work and good mindset. im getting bored to see the same projekts over and over again, your stuff is realy unique,creative and just great!

  4. I hope that you know how inspirational you are to so many of us who watch your videos. Keep making art, keep striving for your goals. I think that you have already done many great projects, so please keep on doing what you love to do.

  5. Cool Attila ! Very well don … so clever … so original !!! Looks like it came from a 5 million year old archeology dig LOL. Keep these kind coming. For sure !!! Thanks for sharing🙏
    Stay safe. -Mike😷💉

  6. Hi Attila, the burl was stunning, the grain contrast in the colours was beautiful. The resin cast as crystals was a great idea and really worked. Another great project, keep going the viewers will come my friend.

  7. Just be yourself Attilla I am one of those traditional wood turners you speak of and I wish that I had half the flair and design ideas you have I look forward to watching your videos

  8. Coooool! I know You are pissed on naysayers but Your frustration feeds them. Smile is the best weapon. Maybe I don't understand Your imagination but I know feelings which You put into every project and for me that are showing beauty of Your mind. Keep pushing forward, Brother 💪

  9. Awesome. Huge respect to sticking to your creativity. I don't watch this channel to see a regular bowl. I watch this channel to get inspiration from ideas I've never seen anyone else do. Please never dial back your creative instincts. It's inspiring to other makers.

  10. I think it TURNED out very cool! Do not let yourself down by people that cannot see through your eyes. Actually that is pretty normal and very useful on a way. When your ideas devise people's opinion the negative talks could be from the ones that cannot grow up to your particular way of looking at wood turning art. Keep up as you grow with every new piece of your work. This vase is a creation of yours I would pay for. Love it. 👌👍

  11. Very cool concept, Attilla! I think it came out great. Keep on being original and inspiring others! I'd love to see you do another with real crystals!

  12. I really love that you think outside of the box, each of the pieces you make is a masterpiece. not everybody is as creative as you.


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