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Woodworking EventsDIY Trade Show Booth Design

DIY Trade Show Booth Design

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Find out more about Spruc’d here: www.sprucdmarket.com

Get the trade show booth design here: https://www.sprucdmarket.com/trade-show-booth-design/

Split Coffee Table Plans: http://www.ana-white.com/2019/02/free_plans/split-industrial-coffee-table

Will update description shortly with links to plans. Thanks for your patience! Ana
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  1. This looks great! We know how difficult booth planning can be and have several clients just pass the design work to us because they don't know where to begin.

    Your DIY booth was very impressive and proof that planning leads to results.

  2. Anna,
    As soon as you pulled the coffee table apart I thought that you could probably think of some way of adding on a piece for a longer coffee table. Maybe hinges that are attached underneath the tables that fold out, lock and allow for another piece to sit on them. Just a thought. Another idea would be to hinge the piece on top of each table and fold them out but you might need another leg for support. Clearly I am not a carpenter and I have lots of design ideas when I look at designs. I love your videos, a big fan.

  3. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you or get a session with you at WBC. I enjoy your channel and will definitely check out sprucd

  4. It was by far the best looking booth at workbenchcon. You guys did an awesome job. Hopefully we’ll see you both there again next year, wherever “there” happens to be!

  5. Welcome to Atlanta….. that’s home for me. Wish I could have had the opportunity to meet you while you were here.

  6. Y'all have no idea how many Atlanta makers would've gladly helped some of our favorite content creators with their booth! Tools of every description so you didn't have to pack a thing! Check. Store runs and materials transportation. Check. Helping hands (assuming we'd be allowed entry). Check. Food runs, even some good ol' Southern home cookin', to minimize that "hangry". Check. How about this one? Babysitting! Check.

    With a plan, we could've knocked the booth out in a few hours, then spent the rest of the time meeting and greeting. If you come back to WorkbenchCon, please consider organizing a MeetUp for this very purpose.

    The booth looked amazing. I know it served you well, and now will have a second life thanks to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore!

  7. I recently seen your episode of Building off the grid, and thought “ I know these people!” Awesome!!!
    I can only say one thing to you Ana… measure twice, cut once 😉
    Cabin is so awesome! Congrats

  8. Hey Ana – can I make a build suggestion? Try a pivot door! I'm sure you could make a beautiful one for a fraction of the cost!


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