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Paoson WoodworkingDIY Mobile Workbench with Table Saw & Router Table / Showcase -...

DIY Mobile Workbench with Table Saw & Router Table / Showcase – Ep 8

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This is the last video in an eight-part series about my new woodworking workbench, fitted with a bench table saw and a router table.

Plans for this project: https://bit.ly/3iRfbd9
All Mobile Workbench Videos: https://bit.ly/3C3gqhV

Mobile Workbench Blog Article: https://bit.ly/32j9gta
Bench Saw and boards for the Mobile Workbench: https://bit.ly/3mspGGB

Where to obtain materials and tools that I use:
Multi-Function Workbench Plans: https://bit.ly/39eKtrr
Band Saw Plans: https://bit.ly/2JisRjf
Workbench Accessories: http://bit.ly/2OSNcKu


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous bit of kit, really entertaining to watch the build. Thanks for sharing. Was there anything you’d change?

    Any plans for a basic beginners bench for those just starting out?

  2. I would love to see a video how you made the inserts for the jobsite saw, many people have this model and your inserts seem very well built. Thank you

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  4. That is without a doubt (Jeremy Clarkson) Proabably….the best mobile workbench…………in the woorrlld (/Jeremy Clarkson)

    I also think that wasn't a cheap build. I'm not sure that bench could be built here i the US for less than 1k.

  5. I recently purchased the plans for this workbench and am building up the courage to start. I absolutely love how comprehensive they are. I will post pics on the forum when finished. could you please tell me the name of the MDF material you use for the tops and for the sled, it's probably in the plans somewhere, but haven't managed to find them. many thanks Steve.

  6. Шикарный стол! 💯👍
    Подписался-буду смотреть остальные видео.

  7. What kind of clamps do you have that fit into the tracks you used. This is an amazing workbench. I have been looking for a while at various options. This one is AMAZING! I'll purchase your plans shortly. Thanks for sharing. Yes, share the video on how you made the 0 clearance inserts for the table saw.

  8. Great video! I can see your work bench is set up to provide some precise cross cuts.

    I am wondering if you even own a miter saw?

    Thank you again for the great ideas and videos!

  9. "Matthias!! There's another fellow on the internet that doesn't knows challenges any longer." – To subscribe is mandatory here.

  10. Kudos Suso, you put so much work into this workbench, it's insane! Hats off and thanks a lot for sharing! On a side note, where did you get your 6" CMT dado set?


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