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Woodworkers PlanCreating CABINET PLANS in Fusion 360 (Fusion 360 Woodworking Tutorial)

Creating CABINET PLANS in Fusion 360 (Fusion 360 Woodworking Tutorial)

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In this video, learn how to use drawing mode in Fusion 360 to create plans from your cabinet model that we created in the previous tutorial. Learn how to import views, add dimensions, create multiple pages, and more in this step by step tutorial designed for woodworkers!



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  1. Hi everyone! Let me know if you have any questions about the drawing tools in the comments below! 🙂

  2. I can't thank enough for your video's. You've helped this old machinist a lot learning Fusion. so many simple things that helps a person so much! Yes you've help me so much. Happy New Year Thanks again.

  3. Wow Justin you answered all my questions in one video! Can't wait to view the next one, and thanks for taking the time.

  4. Hi Justin. I don’t appear to have the annotation toolbar at the bottom of my screen. I tried searching elsewhere but have been unsuccessful. All I have at the bottom is Pan, Zoom and Fit. Thanks again for all of the great work you put out!

  5. Hello!
    You work wonders with this program;))
    I am a carpenter, and I have trouble calculating angles. I would like to connect three boards at an angle of 120 degrees (board ends cut from two sides into the top). Connect in such a way to make a dome, a ball (with a diameter of 1 meter). The boards must be cut at both ends at two angles – at what angles?
    I'm tired of it …
    If you could help, I would be very grateful!
    Thank you!
    Greetings from Poland! 👍

  6. Thank you Justin for these – it's been immensely useful! I'm still struggling to see the difference between components and bodies – when to use which and pro's or cons of either. Specifically with woodworking.

  7. Thank you, all your tutorials are really helpful! I've already learned more in 2 hours than what I've learned in weeks by myself. Keep it up!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for making these videos Justin! As a hobbyist woodworker, I've very recently switched over from SketchUp to using Fusion 360 and have to say that your videos are the best explanations of EXACTLY what I'm trying to accomplish. For my (Pre-Covid) work, I often use Vectorworks to model rooms and
    buildings for live events – and considered using it for woodworking,
    however I quickly realized it's strength definitely lay in BIM and not
    manufacturing – at least at my current level of experience with it. Thanks again for showing how easy and powerful Fusion 360 is! Hopefully they keep it free for personal like Sketchup once was!


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