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Craftsman Wood ShaperCraftsman Atlas 12" lathe turned shaper machinist trick. Last resort slot cutting...

Craftsman Atlas 12" lathe turned shaper machinist trick. Last resort slot cutting on the lathe .

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Servo feed on the Bridgeport sheared the key and bent the screw after pulling the leadscrew nut out. All because the limit switch was off. And this screw was to replace the bent one. I have a shaping head, but no tooling for it. And without a slitting saw and not wanting to use a hacksaw this was my idea. It worked. But took a long time to remove the material. But I got it done.

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How to set up and use a vintage 1960’s single molding cutter set on a table saw. Check out Bob Lee’s video and subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cy05Y5uTSE
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Link to the Craftsman Molding Cutter manual with profile info: http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/detail.aspx?id=22038

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  1. I know I know. I called it a slot grinding tool. It was around 3 in the morning. You're lucky I wasn't also speaking in Polish.

  2. Did you ever find the link to the PDF profiles you were going to post in your description? Thanks.. Wayne

  3. Awesome! Thank you! My husband and I just found our grandfathers set and I was very curious how to use it!

  4. Tienes los manuales de uso? , necesito el manual de uso , me ayudaría si lo pudieras subir on line para descargarlos.

  5. You put together a nice video here. You're probably aware of how obnoxious some how-to videos are and in a wide variety of ways. Thank you.

  6. I have two sets of these but one doesn't include the spacer. Since the other does I do know the exact measurements. Instead of finding someone to mill the replacement out of metal, what are you're thoughts on using HDPE? Do you think it can withstand the rotational forces, or will it just come apart (of course that being somewhat dangerous)?

  7. Thanks for the video.. couple suggestions for better technique.. first, don't dull your cutting edge by running it in plywood, and second, push the work piece through in one continuous motion, rather that start/stops as shown in the video.

  8. thanks for posting that. I've got a european dewalt1251. My arbour looks like 5/8 and with the accompanying bushing fits sawblades with 30mm bore. But my arbour is a D shape as is the bushing. So would these craftsman cutters work ok on my saw ? Are they simply a circular friction fit with no inner D shape ?

  9. Interesting. I'm pretty sure my dad had the three blade version for his radial arm saw. I remember seeing it as a kid in his blade collection and not knowing what it was for. Haven't seen it in decades now.

  10. nice video Kyle very informative. one thing with the single head cutter is that if you run a lot of wood through it stop and tighten the screw every once in a while they have a bad habit of loosening on the single Cutters because they have to work a little harder than the triple head.

  11. I heard someone talking about this on a podcast but couldn't imagine how it worked.  Makes total sense now.  Thanks for sharing.


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