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Rockler Corner ClampCorner Clamp-It Clips Make Cabinet Assembly Easy | Rockler Skill Builders

Corner Clamp-It Clips Make Cabinet Assembly Easy | Rockler Skill Builders

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Corner Clamp-It Clips Make Cabinet Assembly Easy | Rockler Skill Builders

One of the most important factors when assembling cabinets is to make sure the case pieces are square to each other. And assembling cabinets can be a challenge when you’re working alone. Learn how the Rockler Clamp-It Corner Jig and Corner Clips make it easier to assemble perpendicular cabinet and box corners.

Learn more about these jigs here: https://www.rockler.com/rockler-clamp-it-clips-4-packs
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In this video Andy demonstrates how easy it is to build a cabinet using Rockler’s Clamp-It Corner Clamping Jig. The purpose of the cabinet is for extra storage under his dust bucket, and even features special cams to raise and lower the cabinet off the floor (to easily empty dust from the bucket). For more videos from Glass Impressions, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/Pbmaster11.
Learn more: http://www.rockler.com/rockler-clamp-it-corner-clamping-jig

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  1. The clips are a good idea but Rockler designed them so that you can't use them on the bottom (without filing off the tab or making an adapter base). They also do not "stack" in a straight pile.

  2. Good product if you would have included the assembly square. Looking at the photo's on your website is slightly misleading as all the photos have it included. I don't live in the US and delivery takes a long time to get to my location, so finding out that they were useless for my project without the assembly square was quite frustrating as the project couldn't wait another 2 weeks.
    Just venting a little.
    I normally love your stuff….

  3. Great to have. I took the time a few years back to make me some out of 1/2" ply but they don't stand up to the humidity over time. These are a must have for me

  4. Installing drawer slides requires cabinets to be made with pretty high precision. My experience suggests that the tolerance for the cabinet/drawer spacing is about a +1/16 – 0. With my tools and skills I can just about make a cabinet/drawer spacing that is about about +/- 1/32. So I aim for the spacing to be about 1/32 inch over size. That way the drawer works if the final result is within +1/32 and -1/32. Also if I miss slightly I can fix the problem with a shim under the slide. Does anybody have any thoughts about this or does everybody else but me just make perfect cabinets and drawers

  5. If you had the kreg dowel jig you could have hidden those nasty screw holes
    No need to worry the kreg draw jig is perfect

  6. Like the video, But Brah you have " I" trouble I this I that I I I I I . It's not about you is it? I think so.

  7. Well done video. Thanks for talking only when necessary, and keeping background music in the background. Box clamps really look handy for making boxes, and I like the way you do draw slides. Although, I avoid wood working stores like Rockler and Woodcraft because of high cost, I just might buy those box clamps from Rockler. I learned something today. Thanks again.

  8. Checkout Carl Holmgren retractable caster videos. Super easy to build and the plans are pretty cheap. I did the same concept on my 4×8 workbench that's easily 200lbs. Works great. May be able to apply the same concept to this box.

  9. I enjoyed the video. It was very informative AND helpful for me. I am trying to build one of these cabinets for my daughter in law. Not sure how you made the cams yet. Have to look at it again. I like the idea.


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