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Woodworking Frequently Asked QuestionsColin Answers Common Woodworking Questions

Colin Answers Common Woodworking Questions

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I love when subscribers get involved asking woodworking questions about projects, wood, workshop tools and how certain woodworking processes can work, like using the Kerf Maker on a bandsaw, or information on “Sizing” as it pertains to wood finishing and even questions on machinery like wood router tops that can become warped; these are a few of the woodworking answers I address in today’s video.

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  1. Colin, If you're going to do a sizing test you need to pick a wood like pine that is highly prone to splotching.

  2. Is there a reason the router table is not sealed underneath? I.e. moisture will get in anyway if it's not an airtight seal and will cause the top to lift, bow upwards, warp? Just wondering.

  3. I agree with the comments that the weight of the router hanging in the middle of the table can contribute to sagging. I always take my router out of the table after using it.

  4. Use a sealer on the underside when you first buy the router table, add extra support to compensate for the weight of the router.

  5. My advice to people who are buying a router table for the first time or replacing theirs is to buy a milled aluminum top. End of problem.

  6. Re: glue sizing. I use it strictly for improving end grain glue adhesion. I use a 50/50 mixture. It fills the end grain pores and after it dries apply full strength glue and it bonds much better.

  7. My cousin shared a tip for cutting down stain intensity on end grain. She uses a little shellac with xtra grain alcohol on a rag for control. I'm sure she got the tip from Collin. She shared this video w/me because we've been binge watching router table builds. She also shared some other exciting news for the channel & so i'm finally remembering to hit subscribe! Thanks Collin πŸ‘β™ΏπŸ”§

  8. More great tips (and debunking) to share with my group of Senior & medically challenged builders. Your tips are THE BEST we share them like recipes… i hope they all remember to hit that SUBSCRIBE button too.β™ΏLisaπŸ”§

  9. Colin, before gluing end grains together, (on a picture frame for example) it's always helpful to use a diluted glue solution on the end grain first. It'll soak into the grain quickly. Then, just before joining, use full strength glue. This way there is more glue on the surface to strengthen the joint.

  10. Can you please help me.. I am new to building stuff, so I got a bunch of pallets and tore them down to practice with. Well I have been building stuff with random drywall screws, because I don't know how to buy screws or what screws to buy, it is very cryptic to me.

  11. It's surprising how mysterious, subtle issues can affect the work. I ran to my shop to look at my router table (Incra). Now I know why it is laminated on all sides. It's also surprising that Colin's Freud table is unsealed on the bottom. Mr. Freud saved a nickel.

  12. I use diluted wood glue (about 3parts water to 1 part glue) to seal the end grain of wood I'm drying in my shop. It has worked fone for me so far and little to no checking in the wood.

  13. Another enjoyable video! I recently made a Corian router table extension on my table saw. It turned out extremely well, without the moisture worries, but I agree with the others who remove the router motor when not in use.

  14. The purpose, in my experience, of glue sizing, is to effectively seal sheet goods like MDF. I almost exclusively use a glue wash to seal MDF doors that I cut on a CNC router when they are to be painted.


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