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Campaign Furniture PlansChris Schwarz' Campaign Chair - Pared Down!

Chris Schwarz' Campaign Chair – Pared Down!

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  1. C. S. : I've got the Gold Medal Furnature version of the chair. Especially like YOUR treatment of the legs, but prefer their use of canvas over your use of leather. I do understand leather's appeal both aesthetically and in the symplicity and speed of construction for the builder. Were the original Rourkeeys in leather?

  2. Does anyone know where to see the full video? All of the popular woodworking links to it i've found are broken 404

  3. it was nice to see how you broke it down in to steps in a way that makes it look as if anyone can make this chair. vary good video

  4. Very impressive!. I'm just a novice woodworker, but I'm an experienced leather worker, and Chris shows some enviable leather craft chops in this video!

  5. I like these “pared” down videos.
    Amazing to watch Chris’ builds at a quicker pace.

    Not sure about the music though. Might be a little distracting. Doesn’t quite work with Chris.

    Just my thoughts.

  6. That was awesome. How something so complex can be made to look so simple. The level of craft here, leather, wood is impressive.


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