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Local Woodworkers

Local woodworker Sidi ben Slimane Marrakech

So young and already so skilled - one of the many woodworkers you will find wandering around the old city, medina, of Marrakesh. They...

Local woodworker takes his craftsmanship to next level, TV

West Virginia native Jerill Vance retired in 2009. For 32 years he was a technician at the Union Carbide South Charleston Technical Center. Upon retirement,...

Sawdust in his veins: Local woodworker turns 100 celebrating a lifetime of furniture making

Al Hudson has grown up around woodworking tools. He's about to turn 100 years old and shows no sign of stopping. Al says woodworking...

Incredible Woodworker and His Workshop

For more than 40 years, Edward Wohl has been building exquisite custom furniture and cutting boards from select woods. Meet the designer and the...

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