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Inca Jointer Planer

Inca table saw vibration issue

Video Rating: / 5 Click here to get Teds Woodworking

Inca 259 Table Saw Tear Down

Video Rating: / 5 In this episode of "My machines" we discuss my new Swiss-made Inca spindle shaper and begin cleaning it up. This...

Inca Jointer/Planer (550) feed drive modification

An overview of the drive modification that I did on my Inca 550 J/P The drive is mounted underneath the table and uses a 3Nm...

Inca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

The Inca 550, 560 and 570 Combination 10-1/4" Jointer/Planer Machine is a phenomenal Swiss made precision tool. It's one achilles heel however is...

milling figured wood on the jointer Planer to avoid kick back

Kick back dangers on the jointer when milling crocked wood. Канал Александра Зигфрида - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrHIOi0yPH3JKFEbczTexOw Канал его брата - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOinGjVPtm2EWHmW4MXmJg Video Rating: / 5

Making a Dust Collection Hood for my Jointer/ Planer Combo

This is making a dust hood for my Elektra Beckum HC 260 Jointer Planer. If you like my work and this channel, you can support...

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