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Woodworking Frequently Asked QuestionsC Channel // How To Install // Frequently Asked Questions

C Channel // How To Install // Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about C Channel over on Instagram so I thought I’d make a quick video answering the most asked ones and briefly go over how to install them.

If you’re interested in using C Channel in your projects, I recommend the ones from Bidwell Wood Company. If you use promo code “COFFEY10” you get 10% off your order. That includes anything in their shop. I used their C Channel and the Rampatec inserts from their store!


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  1. Does anyone have any tips for drilling to prevent tearout of the wood at the top of the hole? Are there any special bits that have different flutes or something designed to drill smoother holes?

  2. See…why can't other YouTubers do shit like this??? Concise, to the point, no unnecessary bullshit, just EXTREMELY useful information!

    Excellent video! All the points are covered, and not drawn out over a 30 min video explaining your entire family history or where C-channel was invented!!!

  3. Where did you find the 1/4" Side C Channel? Seems the link provided only provide 1/2" and larger sides. Any helpful links is much appreciated.

  4. I wouldn't have thought that just bolting a piece of channel iron, with screwed-in inserts, would be enough to keep it from twisting. I thought a piece that large would laugh at something like that. Now I know better. Do you do this with glued up panels as well, or just very wide boards? Oh, and why are inserts and bolts better than wood screws or sheet metal screws?

  5. hello Mike my name is Will, I've been a welder fabricator for the last 15 years and my brother jake and I have a small woodshop on the side, and when I say woodshop I mean his garage and my garage and a lot of running back and forth to eachothers houses lol. my barber jay was showing me some of your links and photos, you do beautiful work man, its great to have friends in the industry and my brother and I live local here in cameron park and would love to check out your shop sometime.

  6. Great idea, what is your thought on putting a little longer one down the middle? We live here in NW Florida with a lot of humidity. Thank you

  7. Great information, I’ve used C channel once before on a table. I have a smaller table I want to build now but shouldn’t be over 22” so I should be good I think? I will use the threaded inserts for sure. What size drill bit do you use for yours?


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