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Shutter Woodworking PlansBuilding Our Own DIY Natural Wood Shutters!

Building Our Own DIY Natural Wood Shutters!

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Building Our Own DIY Natural Wood Shutters!

Hey Gang! Today we take on the task of building some simple wood shutters for the front of the house! It was a quick and relatively cheap process that ended up making a huge difference! Let us know what you think in the comments below and let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Attach screws into mortar joint lines, not brick face. The mortar can be re-pointed, but the brick cannot should he owners want to remove shutters in the future.

  2. Was looking to DIY some external shutters and your familiar name came up down the list a little, but you were my first click. The video (paint sticks!, fasteners, wood) and comments (what treatment, etc) were great to help our planning. Thank you and your helpful commenters.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, I will be building these in the next few days for my home. Appreciate all your hard work!

  4. You always work together so well. I am impressed with the respect you have for each other. Paul, you are a great Dad and Jordan, you are a great son !

  5. Curious, what size masonry bit did you use to drill the pilot holes for those screws? I saw the screws were #10 and 3" long. I'm assuming a 3/16 or 1/8 but wanted to doublecheck.

  6. So use 3- 1 x 6 treated lumber strips, connect using 17" wide 1 x 3 or 4 wood strips. Tacking it all down from the back side with 1 1/4 tacks?? (will they rust?) — guessing the wood is treated pine? Choose pieces with less knots, watch out for warped and curved wood. I like the 11" spacing.. good choice. I priced the same type shutters online and they cost almost $400.00 a pair. (14 x 71) I think we will pull out the table saw and start cutting! Love the shore look of the shutters. Thank you.

  7. Great video. How did you decide on the length? I noticed it is slightly below the window, about half the width of the roll lock.


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