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Cnc Wood Router TableBuilding a vacuum hold down table for my Avid CNC machine

Building a vacuum hold down table for my Avid CNC machine

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In this video I quickly talk about the steps taken to build a vacuum hold down table for my Avid CNC Router Parts table.

Table Layers:
1” HDF glued and screwed to the 80/20 frame
3/4” MDF used for the milled plenum layer
3/4” ultralight used for the “sacrificial layer”

Manifold and piping:
The manifold was made using 3” PVC
All other pipe and fittings is made with 2” PVC

Black Box Hurricane Vac System & blast gates
Black Box Hurricane Vacuum System

2P-10 adhesive:
2P-10 CA Adhesives

Amana CNC router bits:

Avid CNC: https://www.cncrouterparts.com/

More info coming soon!

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  1. I am trying to figure out how to build my vacuum table. This system won't work for me. Wonder if i could use 1.5" PVC (no space for 3 ")

  2. A better way of going about this.

    1. Screw down 1” regular MDF
    2. Screw down finished plenum sheet to 1” MDF ( don’t glue it, no need )
    3. Screw down light weight MDF to plenum.
    4. Surface plane the top of light weight MDF.


    you should not use glue between Plenum and lightweight MDF. The glue will reduce air flow.

  3. How well does the hurricane vacuum work? I currently run a 15 Hp Becker VTLF pump at work and wanted to know how well it compares with such a smaller pump. How often do your parts move? I assume small parts need to have tabs but how small before you need tabs? Thanks in advance.

  4. Brian- since you glue the entire assembly together, do you just scrap the whole set up when your spoil board gets milled down too thin, or is this s very specific set up that won't kerf the spoil board?
    Thanks, much appreciated.

  5. It my experance for vaccum you dont need large pipes… vaccum is vaccum…the bigger the pipe the longer it takes to evacuate the air in the system..
    Ie you manifold.. you could have 1 or 1.5 inch pipe with no issues

  6. great looking setup Brian. I just got done setting up a 6 zone system on my old digital wood carver. It's a small vacuum pump and won't pull through a panel like yours will… At some point, I'm going to upgrade to a big boy cnc. I'll probably copy most of your design when I do. I need to look up those blast gates. Thanks for sharing…


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