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Classic Rocking Chair Woodworking PlansBuilding a Rocking Chair… My Best Work?

Building a Rocking Chair… My Best Work?

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This is was one of the most challenging woodworking projects I have done yet, which resulted in some of my best work to date. After working through multiple prototypes to make the perfect design for this rocking chair, I used traditional mortise and tenon joinery and am more than happy with how the rocking chair turned out.

Made entirely of Sapele and accented with square peg and bowtie spline made of Wenge, this rocking chair woodworking project will be a highlight piece in my living room for a long time!
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In this video I am building the greatest piece of furniture I’ve ever built, the Cece Rocking Chair. This chair was designed, built, and named for my new niece, Cecelia. It is made with Beech hardwood, and love. We also created long form video plans that can be purchased on our website, so go check that out if you want to build one of these for yourself, or any of our other projects. This build utilized plenty of interesting techniques including template routing, part tapering, domino connecting, and a lot of rocking good times.

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  1. Beautiful work! How do you determine exactly how to shape the seat concave So that’s comfortable? Is there a science/method to it?

  2. Hi senseï, thank you so much fornyour dharing , mood, attitude, and passion you brought in ypur vids…bi was so much in awe …but the most overwhelming one, waw the urn for your child friend…som much caring, and love, translate into an amazing wood piece….you re more than a samouraï. Bravo

  3. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!!. Watching you reminds me of a young Sam Maloof and the high quality of work that he put into his chairs. The choice of woods is spot on and a beautiful contrast especially after you put the wax(?) on it. Now, you will have to make one for each child for that day they are old enough to have a family of their own. The perfect chair for rocking a baby to sleep.

  4. Late to the party, as usual, but just watched the intro and sprayed Shiraz all over my iPad due to explosive laughter! Next time, how about a safety warning?? 😀

  5. Thickni LLC Plans, huh… Didn't think that would just.. slip by.. did ya?

    Watch your 6, Salomone… Unless that is YOUR computer 😉

  6. If I buy the plans will you also include the 100K worth of equipment you need as well? lol Come on can't someone make a design that you need just a chop saw and simple jig saw.

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