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Woodworking JournalBuild the Ultimate Miter Saw Station - Project Overview

Build the Ultimate Miter Saw Station – Project Overview

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A dedicated miter saw station improves the performance of the saw and makes it much more convenient to use. This is not your typical miter saw stand. Woodworker’s Journal Senior Editor, Chris Marshall started from scratch to design a better miter saw station. He came up with a compact and feature-rich design, including:
• Two forms of on-board dust collection
• Ten lineal feet of shelf space for longer offcuts
• Two full-extension drawers for storing shorter scraps
• Full-size upper cabinet
• Display your notes or drawings using magnets attached to the cabinet’s steel door panels
• Built-in stop-block system
• Space-saving design with roll-around convenience

In this video, Chris takes you on quick tour of his new miter saw station’s. You can read the full-build article in the July/August 2020 issue of Woodworker’s Journal.
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  1. If a person was needing precision lengths beyond four feet to the left of the saw they could install a fold out wing (same as to the right of the saw) that you see on so many mobile stations. I don’t think it would add more than a few inches to the over all width of the station when the wings are folded down. I like how clean this design looks. Great way to practice some skills for things going into the home someday.

  2. I love this design. A miter saw station has been needed in my shop for a very long time, but (as with most small shops) space is at a premium. I like that the entire cabinet is on casters so I can move it around my shop. I don't use one of my garage doors and I could easily fit this in front of it with room to spare. What I would probably do since I don't have a large drill press with a table is add a folding support on the right side of the cabinet as seen in a lot of compact miter stations. I love all of the built-in features and storage this cabinet has as well. Great project!

  3. Great job on the miter saw station Chris. Lots of novel ideas like the middle panel doors to allow the use of magnets. The most unique idea to me though is the dust control solution with the enclosed back and that genius opening drawer to catch the dust and small cut off pieces. Having that opening instead of a solid base under the saw is terrific. If I ever redo my station, that will definitely be in addition. Nice job!!

  4. Nice Chris. Now all I have to do is dismantle the last miter saw station that you designed (which I'm planning to do anyway because it is such a monstrosity). Well live and learn. This gives me some good ideas. Maybe I'll buy the plans.:) BTW the first person I saw that said you didn't need a long fence on the MS station was the Wood Whisperer, Mark Spagnolo. Anyway, this seems to be a much better design and takes up so much less space.

  5. I'm not sold on this concept. It is minimalist incarnate, I'll give you that, but it just doesn't have the versatility that I look for in a miter saw station. I hope it works out for you, but, I wouldn't put it my shop, personally.

  6. Great design. I will likely buy and build. But can you come up with a way to have a tape embedded on the side for the stop block? That would be the topper for me.

  7. I'm not sure this would work with most sliders. The Kapex doesn't have as much backward travel as most, so check your saw first.


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