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Veneer PressBuild a veneer press

Build a veneer press

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In this video I build an inexpensive veneer press. Its pretty small, with a maximum press area of 16″x16″. I spent around 0 for all the materials to make this.

List of materials:
(3) 2″X4″X8′ studs ~
(1) Sheet of 3/4″ MDF ~
(2) 12″ press screw clamps ~ for the pair bought from mcmaster-carr
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See how to version of the Veneer Press Video here: https://youtu.be/CsGrxmb_qbE
A veneer press for applying veneer or making plywood. I will be making a wooden clock soon and need to make plywood for it. So this is a tool to make a tool for a project.

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  1. The way that the glue does not stick to what you press is with nylon or are there other ways? Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks like fun to build a veneer press like this, but I am really just looking to buy one already made by a pro like you. Is it possible to special order something like this from you or your company? Or do you know of anyone selling veneer presses similar to this? Thank you!

  3. Thank you. Your design was very easy to follow and I am very pleased with the final outcome. You did a very nice job with your video.

  4. Great build and even better taste in music.
    Quick question, where did you find your hardware? I'm running into a wall trying to source the kind of acme threaded screws and nuts you're using there.

  5. James could you use different types of wood together ie mahogany with oak then a walnut all laminated together .or would that be a wast of time ( no pun intended as your going to be making a clock) regards shaun

  6. Or for the wife to use in testing for testicular cancer … Ooo. Time to make some crank handles for those nuts. Squirrel!!!

  7. Next: How to build a device that turns muscle power into electric power in the woodshop.
    After all, electric tools are completely kosher so long as you provide the power, right❓


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