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Craftsman 12 Inch Wood LatheBringing Grandpas Craftsman Lathe Back To Life

Bringing Grandpas Craftsman Lathe Back To Life

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Getting grandpas 80 year old lathe running again. Here are links to the motors I mentioned in the video:

Harbor Freight model:

Wen Variable Speed Grinder:

Wen Fixed Speed Grinder:

Shop Fox Grinder:
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A bit about wood harvesting for future projects and an exciting update about the Craftsman Wood Lathe.

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  1. Very cool restoration! Ingenious placeholder till you refurb that old motor. Looking forward to seeing what you Wheelerize next.

  2. When I saw you bust out the grinder "wheelerizing" is the exact phrase that left my mouth 🤣🤣

    This is so awesome! Papa would be proud 🥰

  3. Hey, when your son is running the lathe, bring the steady rest as close to the work as possible. Very sketchy at that distance. It's quite easy for the tip to grab and the steady rest functions as a fulcrum, the handle gives you a pretty impressive uppercut. If he is turning any soft wood, make sure to continually move it as close as possible. My first broken adult tooth was sacrificed learning this lesson

  4. My land has mostly evergreens but a good smattering of big leaf maples that have the fungus that causes figure. I sell a handful of guitar blanks and rifle blanks every year. Help me remember next time I'm going to mail you something and I will throw a few chunks in to dick around with on the lathe.

  5. Just a heads up, the really straight pieces of wood will turn out very boring on the lathe. They are a great choice for utility such as tool handles. If you have interest in turning something artistic, I highly suggest you keep the ugliest gnarliest twisted fork pieces. These are the ones that will show beautiful grain. Unfortunately, when you turn a very straight round piece of wood, you often end up in the same Cambrian layer all the way around. This effectively looks like plastic, there is no visible grain except the end grain. For the same reason, bowls are typically turned from the side of the log.

  6. With the oaks, when you prune them, if you take it down right to the trunk, ideally with a little bit of trunk bark. Afterwards, use the tip of the saw to scratch up the scar, just make a tic-tac-toe board on it. When the oak scabs over, it will not be able to put out a new sucker if your pruning cut is below the surface of the trunk. The maples you are screwed. Don't ever take one down without killing the stump, big leaf maples can grow over 25 ft in one season. For whatever reason, maple stumps put out so many suckers that they choke themselves out, sometimes there is not even room for a chainsaw bar

  7. 7th grade Wood Shop first Lathe Project I made was a Bow Reel for Bow Fishing, I got the plans out of my Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia set that I still have today……….Those huge full size Lathes the shop had were a little intimidating for a kid but I managed to get the project done without harm to myself or the project.

  8. Good Stuff Mr. James… Those Amish folks don't know what they are missing out on… that thing sounds great and looks even better!

  9. It is good to see you and your son making memories in the shop. I suspect most of us old folks treasure our memories of shop time with dad (and regret many of the arguments we had with him in our teens.)

  10. Looks like fun! Good on ya for not unnecessarily burning stuff. There are plenty of people who burn anything and everything. Trash and furniture included!


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