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Pipe Furniture PlansBlack Pipe Bookshelf | Build with Plans!

Black Pipe Bookshelf | Build with Plans!

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Black Pipe Bookshelf | Build with Plans!

Build awesome industrial wall shelves with black pipe! Plans: https://gum.co/JWdzN

We needed some really cool wall shelves to go next to the fireplace in the living room and I wanted to go for that industrial modern black pipe and wood look. I was a little worried that these wall shelves would look too rustic, but the black pipe bookshelf build turned out super sleek and modern looking, while still sporting the industrial look.

If you want to build your own, check out these FULL COLOR step by step plans: https://gum.co/JWdzN

While I may have had some struggles building my black pipe bookcase, if you use the plans I made, you certainly will avoid all the issues that I ran into. This project is perfectly suitable for beginner woodworkers and weekend DIY ers. I chose to finish my black pipe bookshelf with hard wax oil, which leaves a beautiful finish that is durable and much better looking that polyurethane. Check out the links below if you want to try it our for yourself.

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  1. Ah I can share in the struggle of going to the store 40 times ugh so frustrating. Loved the shelves man looks great!

  2. Great project! If you’re short on ideas, how about a build on the plane racks you’ve built hanging behind you?

  3. I drag my screws across a bar of soap I keep in my toolbox before using them to help them go in easier much like your use of paste wax. 🙂


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