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Biscuit JoinerBiscuit Joiner - It’s a MUST HAVE TOOL!biscuit joinerBiscuit Joiner - It’s...

Biscuit Joiner – It’s a MUST HAVE TOOL!biscuit joinerBiscuit Joiner – It’s a MUST HAVE TOOL!

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  1. The biscuit joiner is an alignment tool. It is not a loose tenon joiner. With that in mind, it is useful to help with glue up.

  2. Don’t know what you did but I haven’t had any problems getting biscuits in the slots. You can’t have them stored correctly

  3. I’ve had this same Dewalt for over 3 years now. I’ve opened it and looked at it, closed it and have never used it, never even plugged it in lol. When I have to use it, it will be like getting a brand new tool, hopefully it works. lol

  4. Don’t you tell me to use a biscuit jointer. I ain’t gon use no biscuit jointer in my expurt shop. I say..I say…Oh no no no.

  5. They make the joints stronger whether anyone wants to believe it or not, but what they really do is make it easier to glue up joints by aligning them even with one another. Clamping jobs & work time is greatly improved with these simple tools~

  6. I always love your videos and advice. Low cost project based teaching is your meat and potatoes and I really appreciate it.

    This video on biscuits was just gravy.

  7. ok i have the porter cable model that is much like yellow. they are good for items tht can't show screws. so cabinate frames door and such. also picture frames. i have used them for other items but pocket hole screws would have worked there too.

  8. Now, looking around all the crap I've built in the last 4 years for my house I'm regretting not having one….

  9. About 15 years ago I bought a biscuit joiner from the yellow tool company. I saw norm using it. I have never used it. I figured it would come in handy at some point. NOT!

  10. I bought one more than ten years ago for a job I was doing. I have not needed it since. You would think it would be more useful but it really was not.

  11. You are so helpful to so many people. I’m so sorry people are so hateful!
    I appreciate your knowledge, and willingness to share it!
    Trolls. 👹 I think people forget educators and you tubers are humans just like they are. We are always learning every day, hopefully, that’s my goal anyway. 🤷‍♀️


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