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Stanley Wood PlanerANTIQUE SHOP FINDS ~ STANLEY No. 8 PLANE ~ PART 1 ~...


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I stopped at the downtown antique stores across from Bronson Park in Kalamazoo. 😊
Rodger had gotten a slew of tools in from an estate sale in Comstock. I looked at a few of them but they were marked way higher than I wanted to spend for tools I already had. Then I saw a rusty plane with a board bolted to the side. It looked right but I couldn’t really tell through all the dirt. When I took it up to the counter Roger looked at me and said “Twenty dollars?” It was marked .00.
Here it is being disassembled.
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  1. Btw, as I recall, Lie Nielsen has tote patterns and bore angles on their website for older bench planes, in case somebody needs or wants to make a replacement. Have you a favorite faux japanning method?

  2. The lever cap should say Stanley, as well. After searching for tears, I stumbled on a flea market No 8 2 days ago for $10. I almost felt guilty but I quickly got over it. I broke down at the woodworking show back in January and bought a restored No 7 for North of $100 only to find this gem. I am looking forward to getting my 8 back to serviceable condition. I must reiterate other commenters- There is a lot of payoff in restoring those old woodworking tools. While I do own a couple of LN tools and they are worth the money, I am a true Stanley and Miller's Falls fan.

  3. That's a very very nice find, I love restoring old planners , specially one that old, its a beautiful plane with a little work.

  4. Great deal. Looks like it will clean up fine. I really like that large perfect handle screw driver you used. I am always looking for those. They are not always the right tools, but they feel nice in the hand.

  5. Since it already has the three holes in the side, and a reasonably decent looking wooden guide that uses them, why don't you tap those holes? That way, three small wing head bolts could be procured to hold it on, and you don't need a screwdriver. Since you can't pull the holes off like in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, you might as well make them pay freight.

  6. That is GIANT Plane!!   I've got a pair of Granddad's old planes that are about that big, one is a corrugated Craftsman and the other is a 24in-ish Transitional (don't recall the make at this moment).   Thanks for the video — Bob

  7. I have several #3, #4 and #5, one each of #6, #7, #8. I don't think I've ever seen a hand plane jointer fence in person. You got a really good buy on that #8. Even making shavings out of scrap wood is good entertainment in my book.

  8. I thought it was another wooden job and if push came to knock down, drag out you could burn planes for some heat BUT I suppose you could cram a recliner in the fireplace first. Another good fine but that's what we get at Uncle Sneelocks Workshop. The standard s.o.p.

  9. my tip: epoxy the wood not use wood glue, it is more invisible with the clear finish the handles will get, even more so if you use oil to feed the wood , good to fill any other cracks the wood might have if it dried out too much, also a quick layer of clearcoat the inside of the plane to stop it rusting, i know you dont want to repaint it black

  10. Great find! Recently I came across a #6 and a couple weeks later a #7. Both in almost the same condition as your #8 minus the extra holes. Now thanks to you I feel I must start a search for a #8! I very much enjoy rescuing these great planes from the dead and bringing them back to life. Am looking forward to watching you bring life back to this one.


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