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Antique PlanerAntique Planer

Antique Planer

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  1. Tell me more about how you are "off grid" I just picked up a Whitney 36 in plainer. It is 10 HP. I am off grid shop too. (125 KW.)

  2. Great video, love these old machines. Can I try and pick your brain for a bit of advice? A mate has a large 3 phase planer with a drum and two blades. It is pushing well over 60 years old or so.The drum pulls a hell of a lot of revs and takes a good 30 seconds to wind up.yesterday he replaced the blades with some high tensile carbine blades recommended by his machine shop. They are however Chinese made. Last night he gave a demo of the machine winding up, and without feeding any timber through it. While the machine was in the start up process, and as the revs increased, the blades shattered sending shrapnel flying through the shed. It would have been fatal if anyone was unlucky enough to be hit.
    Both blades fractured in the same area, about half way along the blades which would be about 16 inches in length. We were left scratching our heads trying to figure out why.
    Can you advise the changeover process for the blades? There is about 6 large bolts that cause a vice like clamp along the length of the blades.
    Should these be set at a specific torque setting? My mate did it by hand and while they all seemed of even pressure, we were thinking that the slightest difference in pressure may have caused the high tensile blades to be set uneven or with a bend in them.
    Any advice you can offer?
    Cheers, Kev from Australia.

  3. Thank you for sharing this.
    I've recently been more involved at this certain museum where we mill lumber and many other things.

    Someone dropped off an old plane very much like yours about 20 years ago but nobody's ever taken the time to clean it up and get it working again.

    Also like yours, it's obviously also belt driven, and I'd like to keep it that way if I can. Just makes sense to me that if you're going to work with ancient equipment, have it run the same way they did.


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