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Woodworking Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswering Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Dillon, not going to lie to you… I have just done three pours with your product…. I am amazed at how cool the epoxy cures, I still seal the live edges in on my pieces, however I have not had any bubbles in the three pieces. I am a bit amazed that you do not need to seal your edges.

  2. Nice one, Respect for your $50 bin great gesture just wish I wasn't in the UK or i'd definitely check that out.

  3. Curious about a couple things. I am looking to fill a round 42” beer cap table I’m hoping to put outside. It is grouted and ready for epoxy, I have a general use 2 part epoxy, can I put a bunch of layers of polyurethane on top of the fill to make it okay to put outside? Do you recommend another method to help make epoxy exterior?

  4. Great stuff! Thanks for all the videos, I've learned a lot. One thing I'm curious about. It seems you often pour the resin over the top of the piece you're making. Why do you do that? Seems like it creates a ton more work to sand or plane that off.

  5. Great video! Wish I lived closer to y’all. How long does it take for a typical table y’all make to full cure? Do you say the the threaded inserts are the best way to go or can you just use screws?

  6. Question, I live in Nevada and in the summer it gets to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. So would I be able to pour resin without getting the temperature way down to 70 degrees in my shop?

  7. Hello Dillan. Great video.
    Have you ever made any table out of ziricote (cordia dodecandra) will love to see how it comes out
    Best regards

  8. Great video! I am having problems with my metallic epoxy pigments all mixing together and becoming monotone. Do you have any suggestions for this?

  9. Love the videos! I want to try to make a small resin table myself using azobé wood i got lying around (also known as ekki, red ironwood or bongossi). Will this work or is that wood way too dense and oily for the resin to make a solid bond? Will it just break apart when it's dry or am I safe? Thanks


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