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Woodworking EventsAnimated pantorouter tradeshow display

Animated pantorouter tradeshow display

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Animated pantorouter tradeshow display

A large animated tradeshow display showing how the pantorouter works, built for Mac Sheldon.

Mac took the display to the wood show in Baltimore Jan 8-10

See the machine at the tradeshow here:

and here:

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  1. Впервые такой станок я видел в 1990 году в Гомеле.

  2. Извини, по английски не говорю, уже несколько твоих видео смотрел, кое чему научился, СПАСИБО! Лайк и подписка, удачи!

  3. so lesson learnt Mr. Wandel? First put everything as closely and compact as you can, or slightly bigger so you can make supports making sure nothing moves in the box, and then make the box to support the supports 🙂 you can even throw in some foam to protect it from dust, and charge 100$ more or something, and make it a nice box with a nice logo from you brandmarked or carved 🙂

  4. Witam!!Bardzo ciekawe urzadzenie!!Dobry pomysl!!Duzo pracy trzeba wlozyc aby to dobrze chodzilo!!Duza wiedza!!Majstersztyk!!Dobry material filmowy!!


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