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Ryobi Wood LatheALDI Workzone Wood Lathe - Is it worth it?

ALDI Workzone Wood Lathe – Is it worth it?

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ALDI Workzone Wood Lathe - Is it worth it?

These Wood Lathes are sold under many brands in different countries. ALDI Workzone are selling them again in Australia. This is my review of it. I give my opinion on the pros and cons as well as showing you the unboxing and setup. I discuss this from the perspective of an absolute beginner wood turner.
0:00 ALDI Wood lathe – why I bought it
3:35 Unboxing
4:30 The “catch”
5:00 Chisels
8:27 Sharpening
10:22 PPE
12:00 A “proper” lathe
15:20 Change Speeds
19:54 Mounting the lathe
20:55 Recommendations

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  1. Really thorough and informative video. I agree with you completely on most of what you said. However, I would like to add this: Using a cheap tool will help you figure out what you want from a more expensive tool. And with no experience you might not know what you need.

  2. I’ve got this lathe – or rather the Clarke named version.. first thing I’ve done is buy a decent chuck for it – a 4" Xact Precision Woodturning Chuck – from Amazon. Not very cheap at £121 but the quality is superb and will last me for years and will fit other machines. This arrived today and I first thought the thread was way too big – but luckily it comes with an adapter to step the thread size down to the 19mm thread it has. All good now on that front.
    I immediately found that this lathe needs to be mounted onto something VERY steady.. so I needed a new bench – which needed to be bolted to the wall… that was another £90. Next up I’ve ordered fairly decent chisels.. another £110. Oh, and I’ve ordered an tailstock conversion kit so it can hold drill bits etc.. another £40. A face mask, another £20. So, although the lathe was a birthday present, only yesterday, it’s cost me twice the amount to get going. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the experience and give some kind of review further down the line!

  3. Hi, we just got one from Aldi, we set it up but cant seem to get the head and tail stock to line up….any tips?
    Dave or anyone know how?

  4. I picked one up the other day, looks like a nice bit of kit. Great for entry just to try it out. Cheapest option out there. The same model is around $300 online. I am now looking for a chuck. Any recommendations?

  5. Brought one on wednesday, the motor blew up after 10mins of work on Thursday the bearings where rough as well,
    pulled it apart on Friday,
    Brought a new motor added a speed control, replaced the bearings to a tapped bearings for side loading strength, strengthen the Chassis, Now it works great.
    Buy with caution every tool i have brought from Aldi I have had to rebuild in some kind of way,
    I like to rebuild my tools to fit my needs and bring some precision to cheep chiness made products.
    If you want something to usestraight out of the box Take your time and do some research then think about buying
    this and hope you don't buy the one made on friday.
    cost lathe was $150 New motor was $200 hundred from hafco and new bearings $50 speed control $60
    At the end of the day $460 for it to be a good lathe is not bad.

  6. Thanks Dave, initially you turned me off, but the itch needed scratching and I picked one up today. Other entry level tools were too expensive for something I might use once or twice, so Aldi it was. Now for the hand tools, cheap and unreliable or crucifyingly expensive, I'm guessing I'll try cheap first. cheers.

  7. Nice review Dave, I see that they’re now called Ferrex & there was also a bandsaw available, I don’t know if the newly named range is any better but like everything we purchase research & cross fingers that we get things that work, good job mate 🇦🇺🍻👍👍👍

  8. Hello my friend,

    These brand lathes are sold as different brands in our country.

    Thank you for the installation and detailed information of this wood turning machine. It's nice to create and share a variety of ideas to help many people. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing. See you. Great greetings……


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