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Wood Lathe StandAlan Lacer's Ultimate Lathe Stand with David Lyell

Alan Lacer's Ultimate Lathe Stand with David Lyell

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Build a professional-quality lathe stand that’s stable, strong and heavy
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Ultimate Lathe Stand

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Build a wood lathe stand for your mini or midi lathe with a beefy bench top and TONS of storage for hardware, tools and blanks BLOG: http://fixthisbuildthat.com/diy-wood-lathe-stand-plans

PLANS: https://gum.co/lathestand

Project in partnership with JET Woodworking: http://jettools.com
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Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):
JET 1221VS Lathe – http://amzn.to/2sNZVW5
JET Parallel Clamps – http://amzn.to/2sGwFyq
Pocket hole jig – http://amzn.to/1KPqbDa
Concealed Hinge Jig – http://amzn.to/2sXJ2Ja
Circular Saw – http://amzn.to/1YP9Qli
Tablesaw – http://amzn.to/2prd9nA
Miter Saw – http://amzn.to/2oBR6ea
Random Orbital Sander – http://amzn.to/2ssLsOV
Cordless Drill – http://amzn.to/2tLIVgD
Router – http://amzn.to/1PtJLXD
18″ Drawer Slides – http://amzn.to/2sR78G2
Full Overlay Euro Hinge – http://amzn.to/2sRcalx
3″ Locking Casters – http://amzn.to/2syzNMN
Waterbase Polyurethane – http://amzn.to/2nnstDd
Worktunes Earmuffs – http://amzn.to/2o2ZAtk
Glue bottle – http://amzn.to/2g67duY
Silicone glue brush – http://amzn.to/2grpjM0
Respirator – http://amzn.to/2q8lNXt

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  1. Thank you David for your vlog it's been wonderful to me, I've learned how to make my project so much stronger with heavy load.

  2. David, a couple of questions if I may. First, do you recommend this stand for a lathe that is 60” in length? If, so what modifications would you also recommend? Second, because of floor space constrictions I’m also considering narrowing the overall width of the stand. IYO what stability issues will that create? Thanks so much for you advice and input.

  3. Thanks for sharing my friend, I followed your directions and built this today. It has been a long long day, but I got it done. I was going to buy a stand for my lathe, It cost $150 for the lathe I just purchased. I decided it would cost less to build it plus if I did it like you did, it should be studier or possibly studier. I am pleased I made it, The copper pipe was a little bit of a slow down if you will but I got them all in. I did 2 bolts per rail like the directions you referenced in this video and linked to. otherwise, it went smooth, not sire if I saved any money since I had to buy almost all the materials, but I do have some scrap now for some other small projects I need to get done, so all in all it still is more for the money than buying the stand, and I made it. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I won't be doing a how to video, I will link others to yours. I will do a short video on the set up and links back to yours if someone wants to build their own. Thanks again my friend and have a blessed week.

  4. only one big criticism about the joinery – which i otherwise like – i hope your glue joint is strong since that rod is being placed right at the glue joint interface (between the two layers of plywood) – you might have made a better choice by using a solid wood like maple

  5. Hello, are the plans no longer available on the website? I've been getting an error on the site for the last day or so.

  6. I would suggest you both use, and demonstrate using your machinists/sliding square angle to set along side of your drill when trying to drill out something that I suppose you want to appear to be a 90* hole. Both of the places you drilled through legs they went in on angles that could prove problematic. IE: watch what you've filmed before throwing it out there.

    I would use a standard HSS drill when drilling Copper, it would easily drill your plywood too, and wouldn't wreck the tips/wings of your nice Brad Pints.

    I agree with John Franks's comment to use a nice wide washers on the outside, so your bolt heads didn't draw through to the inside.

    The inset lower shelf is a smart idea.

    Keep trying, many are rooting for you……

  7. You can buy half moon nuts that do a similar job to the copper+nut, and are a staple of flat pack furniture that needs good long term strength (eg IKEA beds)..

    Most are really crappy cast aluminium though so shop around for some nice ones.

    Also, a washer or two in the bolt end to stop it grinding itself into the wood (initially and over time with vibration).

  8. Great build. I like the way the rails are joined to the legs. Using copper pipe looks like a great idea. I’m working on a workbench design and might modify that by using two bolts or a larger bolt, It looks like it would work and be easy to do. That type of joint also allows for tightening if the joint loosens up over time.

  9. Sorry if a stupid question but I have seen so many YouTube videos showing how glue nowadays is stronger than wood and when tested the wood snaps not the glue. So my question is why use the lag bolts?

    Thanks for video, thumbs up given 😀. Cheers

  10. Nice idea Alan,
    Small suggestion: When drilling hole to insert copper pipe, drill short of the pilot coming through the other side. The hole will now be plenty deep enough for the copper pipe insert AND it will leave the good side unblemished…. making the finished final look smooth and neat. Thanks for the copper insert idea though.

  11. The only change I would make is to put a steel washer on before tightening to stop the bolt from being pulled into the wood

  12. Hey Brad, I am interested in building the mobile stand in this video for my Rikon Lathe. I like the one you built but am wondering how high to build mine. Have not been able to pin down a recommended height. How tall are you if you don't mind sharing, I am about 5' 6"

  13. brad i notice you have got the jet lathe,,and i just got one like yours,,can you tell me how you mounted it,,,if you did,,

  14. Nice job on this lathe stand! I have built a couple versions of both your drill press stand for a drill press and a small band saw as well as a couple flip top stands for various tools and space saving abilities. How is this lathe stand holding up for you 2-3 years later? Is it solid enough and is the weight of the lathe an issue at all?

  15. Hey Brad!!! Just tried to purchase the plans through the link down below. Didn’t work? Help me out, where can I purchase them?

  16. Like your work, and your videos. Very nice lathe stand. Would love to see your take on a scroll saw cart. I’m thing of something that resembles your lathe stand.

  17. Does the stand "walk" at all when turning something somewhat uneven? I'm wondering if it would be better to have the stand firmly on the ground when in use rather than use locking casters.

  18. wow I love woodworking. Thank you for posting this video. I just ordered my jet midi lathe and am so excited. My only problem in watching this is thinking I want to do that while my skill set may not allow me to do this. I last built a nightstand with door in high school and I think the door was way off and didn't close lol.

  19. Very nice, Brad! Is the workstation stable with larger turning blanks on it? I have a Rikon midi, so I might build this for my lathe. I'm a bit shorter, so I would probably mount the tailstock end of the lathercloser to the right side of the cart so that I don't have to reach so far for bowl turning. See any issues with that?

    I'm enjoying your channel and your "Made for Profit" podcast!

  20. Nice I'm not the ONLY one late to the party! Love the build!!! So many tricks and tips!!! Great job! One minor nit pick…they aren't "false" drawer fronts. The are just drawer fronts. If they were "false" they would be for looks not functional. Sorry to not pick but that's a common misconception. Overall the video and quality is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

  21. I like your work and attention to detail.  How about doing a miter saw stand with fold down wings and drawers?

  22. Dear Friend,
    The lathe table is a marvel, I have placed my lathe Nova Coment II and the height of the lathe, the space in drawers is great. Thanks

  23. I realize I'm nearly a couple years late here… lol.. but if you happen to find this comment, could you tell me if you found any issues with the casters causing movement/vibration when using the lathe? I am planning to build this according to your plans and that is the only thing I has a question on.

  24. Late to the party here – but, loved this so much! Will have to make a mobile stand for my new lathe. Totally inspired by yours!

  25. Beautiful build. What an upgrade!!! I maybe a year late with this idea, but what about using your lathe to turn the handles??? Perhaps you can make them look like your favorite turning handles… Just a thought!!!
    God bless you and yours!!!!!!

  26. I'm tempted to build this stand, but I see a lot of videos that double up the plywood on their stands. Does this one feel sturdy and heavy enough to eliminate vibration on the lathe?

  27. I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago and have really enjoyed your videos!

    Question – what mask are you wearing when using your table saw? It doesn't look like the respirator in your supply list.


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