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Wood Carving Chisels For SaleAffordable Carving Chisels

Affordable Carving Chisels

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  1. I got this same exact carving set, come to YouTube and this video is suggested to me 😂 Gotta love that algorithm

  2. Hi James, I wanna ask the specs of the kirschen gouge (not the v tool) that you used in the video thanks 💪

  3. Even knowing nothing about wood carving (I was researching linoleum carving) those harbor freight ones made me laugh. Might as well use a flathead screwdriver

  4. Thanks for this, very useful. I just got given that exact same set of Narex tools as a present from someone who thought I might find them useful. Looks like I may have (yet another) hobby! Subscribed!

  5. I have some round ones. the set looks pretty old i havent seen a video yet, showing these.. its like round but u can see through it.

  6. I have the proxxon reciprocating carver with a great deal of flexcut carving gouges for it,i also have the interchangeable handle for my gouges,then i have a massive amount of the old great gouges,i have nearly every size i can find. It is also a great deal of fun fixing up the old gouges,them if i do not want to keep doublers,i have sold for double the price i got them for. I have made a great deal of money fixing up antiques & selling them of sharp as a razor,even azes & hammers. So i do agree with you,but i would buy that set you are showing,they lo0ked pleasant to work with.

  7. I have that very set of carving chisels and a set of narex bench chisels and gouges, they've worked wonderfully for my small projects and carpentry for many years now. Good value.

  8. I know lots of new woodworkers look at multi-piece sets for cheap (myself incl) but probably it would be better to just get 1 or 2 good ones then expand your tools over time rather than get a set of 6 or even 12 crappy tools for $25 (made in China no doubt lol)

  9. I see lots of stuff on the web about Schaaf gouges…about a hundred bucks for a set of 12. Have you tried these?

  10. Have em, like em, prefer medium to full size Pfeil, Auriou, ect….. but they do hold an edge and fit in
    nicely at times.

  11. These look interesting, but I can't find them in the UK. I've just bought some "Faithfull" gouges from mytoolshed.co.uk. They need a good bit of finishing and polishing to make a razor-sharp edge, and the way the ferrules fit is a bit rough and ready, but the steel is good and for less than £4 each, I'm pleased. The angle of the vee tool is more than 90 degrees, so it's not as tight as I'd like. As it was so cheap though, I might just take an angle grinder to it, to tighten it up.

  12. I'd love to know your opinion on Flexcut carving tools. I have quite a collection of those and find them to be very good users. They also seem to] hold an edge quite well.

  13. Been curious about their carving tools, I like the chisels. I prefer the steep angle, that's what my grandfather had and I learned on.

  14. Lol ur talk about the harbor freight carving chisels made me laugh. My wife bought me a cheap set of carving chisels like that. I just smiled and said I loved them of course. I basically consider them hss blanks lol


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