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Domiplate#86 - Seneca Woodworking Domino Accessory Review and Preview

#86 – Seneca Woodworking Domino Accessory Review and Preview

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Ron and Ryan of Seneca Woodworking have been making some great accessories for the Domino; they’re the ones who made the DomiPlate that production cabinet shops using the Domino really love.

The DomiPlate was for the DF-500, so they’ve since come out with DomiShims for the DF-700 XL Domizilla as well as a bit adapter that allows the Domizilla to use the smaller DF-500 bits.

…but they are also up to some other things, and that’ll be the preview portion of this review. The preview products will be useful to a lot of users besides changing the way DomiShims are sold. Good stuff. Ryan will be keeping us updated on the prototype releases on Seneca’s blog, so read that one (after mine! 🙂

These accessories blur the already blurry line between a “500 project” and a “700 project” as the 700 can now make mostly the same holes the 500 can. But there are still significant differences you’ll need to consider before picking one or the other, the biggest factor being your current projects. I’ll be posting an article early next week reviewing those differences.

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  1. I believe that the "Domi-Shim" could be designed touch better. I believe they are overlooking some simpler options for the 3/4" depth. Just my opinion.

  2. I bought this kit and haven’t used it yet but when lining up the slash marker on the side to the middle of 3/4” and 1/2” plywood, the height adjuster seems off. The metal bracket covers the height you really want. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

  3. and yes I have read your blogs and watched all your videos on it, I just thought you might have a fresh view on this. thanks again

  4. also I am planning to get a domino sustainer as well, but is there anything else that I should get that you find is a necessity with the domino that you use all the time?

    Thanks again Paul for putting in the time to reply, sure nice of you.


  5. Hi Paul,

    I know so many people have probably asked you this , but after all this time what is your views on either purchasing a Domino XL and getting the adapter bits to make smaller mortises or just purchasing a 500 and placing more tenons into the piece to get more stability??

    As I don't know about you but I prefer smaller tools as there easier to wield , so I'm tending towards the 500.

  6. Cheers for a great vid ordered the RTS-500 adapter the other day and now it is winging its way to me in Western Australia as we speak.

    Do you know if they have any plans to make domi-shims in metric sizes to allow for 18mm or 15mm material.

  7. Glad to see someone is finally making height stops that take more thicknesses into account. I felt this aspect was a shortfall for the Domino from the moment I started using it. Just a shame its not in Europe!

  8. Can the 700 adapter also use the 4mm bit? If so, is there any reason to buy the 500 anymore if for a few hundred more you can have the benefit of choosing every possible tenon on the 700?

  9. Great video . I'm ready to order those imperial thickness stops yesterday !! Never would have heard about them with out you . Thanks

  10. Very nice info…. ! (Although i not even have a domino.. :))
    (Still figuring out i i would need the 500 or the 700)


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