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Basic Woodworking Projects6 Simple Woodworking Projects | Paul Sellers

6 Simple Woodworking Projects | Paul Sellers

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Paul has put together his favourite simple woodworking projects to make as gifts. Make someone special a handmade gift they’ll treasure for years to come!

All these projects are available to view with a free membership on Woodworking Masterclasses, see the link to each project below:

00:26 Cutting Board- http://bit.ly/359UL79
1:10 Soup Spoon- http://bit.ly/2E9PsIZ
2:00 Wooden Coasters- http://bit.ly/35876bX
2:42 Dovetail Caddy- http://bit.ly/38rp8bd
3:29 Dovetail Boxes- http://bit.ly/2LHyNke
4:34 Wooden Tray- http://bit.ly/38sOJ3U


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  1. Has numerous details in this woodwork book TopFineWoodworking. Com . The book also displays several designs and descriptions on the materials used for various woodworking processes and also the guidelines on completing various procedures appropriately. In other words, I`m happy using this book, especially in the process of learning about wood working.?

  2. Hi Paul. I am rediscovering wood working. I loved it in my school days, built my first boat The Lysander. 17 Foot sail boat. I did all the wood work in my home. then I drifted away from the wood working. As I am bored with this Covid 19 haven't been out since March. So I am making moulds for planters. wife is painting them. I have been watching your channels and you make it easy for people like myself. I want to build a solid work bench to work on, no good using a chair to cut timber I have looked at the plywood bench you built, got your plans. I hope B Q could help me and cut the plywood on their machine.
    One item I want you to tell me, what diamond sharpeners do you use. as there are so many types available. According to my wife I am 78 year old, born 19 Oct 1942. I have a bad memory.

    Many thanks

    Danny Davies

  3. Can any of these be done without a workbench? That's the real obstacle, and most workbench series utilize a lot of tool, tool sharpening, joinery, stock prep, lamination skills that seem like they need to be practiced first, but on what without a workbench? The other option is buy an expensive bench or buy an expensive bandsaw or other power tools / machines to make one without needing to have the hand tool skills already.

  4. What I have always enjoyed about Mr. Sellers and his methods, these are brilliant yet oh so simple in their own way. These are all great ways to build skills and make meaningful, useful gifts for our loved ones. No better way to learn than through practical application, please keep up the great work you all are doing.

  5. I'd be a little concerned for my friends' mental wellbeing if I went to their house and saw they stored their TV remote in a wooden box.


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