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Seneca Domiplate#55 - Domiplate Festool Domino Accessory Review

#55 – Domiplate Festool Domino Accessory Review

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Ron Wenner made an interesting accessory for the Festool Domino called the Domiplate. It acts like a fence attached to the bottom of the Domino giving you two offsets: one for 1/2″ nominal sheet goods and another for 3/4″ nominal sheet goods.

While you could use the flip-down fence in these situations, the Domiplate is rigid and won’t drift plus they are pre-calibrated.

If you are making a lot of boxes of sheet goods (cabinet lowers or uppers) or are a production cabinet shop, you’ll find great utility in a Domiplate that eliminates errors that can occur with the flip-down fence with multiple people setting it.

In this video, I’ll introduce the plate, show what you need to use it (a couple bolts you need and likely already have) plus some demos.

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  1. I just got my DF500. I would almost always use 3/4" stock for casework. Is there any reason fence drift cannot be avoided in a production setting by simply not using the fence at all, instead indexing machine and all work pieces from flat bench top, taking advantage of the 10 mm offset from machine base to cutter centerline? (And using a vertical backstop/fence for corner face mortises.) This is the method Frank Klausz advocates for biscuit joinery, and it eliminates such problems. Seems that the 10mm offset from Domino base to cutter centerline will work perfectly for this limited application. Am I missing something?

  2. If they are selling the plate they need to provide mounting screws and knob. Too much time wasted getting it set up to save time.

  3. Never have I ever had "drift" on my domino it locks down tight and you'd have to smash it with a hammer to get it to drift.
    Your trying to sell a useless accessory.

  4. FWIW:  I have had success with the sheet stock standing upright and using the domiplate and the machine base to sandwich the stock between to keep the domino vertical on the edge.  Just finger snug is usually enough to let the machine slide on and off easily.  Regarding the screw sizes it's nice to know what to look for in the endless bin array at the local tooltoy emporium.

  5. If you can't figure out how to fast forward youtube videos, then that to me seems even more painful to comprehend.


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