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Rustic Desk Plans$50 Farmhouse Desk - Easy to Build

$50 Farmhouse Desk – Easy to Build

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Build your own desk! It’s easier and faster than you might think. Free plans: https://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/farmhouse-desk

### Update ### Since this video was filmed the price of wood has gone up drastically. You probably will not be able to build this for going forward.

Are you working from home now? Need a cheap and easy desk? How about a beautiful, super sturdy, built to last, practically indestructible farmhouse desk? Well, that’s what we built this week! Now that both of us are working from home for a while, I needed a permanent workspace, so we built this easy DIY Farmhouse Desk. Watch how we turn 8 – 2×4’s and 5 – 1×6’s into beautiful, functional home decor!


Stuff We Used:
2x4s @ 8ft
2×2 @ 8ft
1×6 @ 6ft

Ryobi Drill/Driver: https://amzn.to/36rP591
Ryobi Miter Saw: https://amzn.to/34rJTSw
Kreg Jig: https://amzn.to/3bcuNCS

We love to Do It Ourselves. You love to Do It Yourself. Let’s Do It Together. New DIY Videos Every Week!

For more details visit: https://www.kandgmakeit.com/make-it/diy-simple-farmhouse-desk

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FYI: We are not professionals, and we don’t claim to be. This is what we found worked for our project. Yours may need a little different approach. We have just enough woodworking skill to make some basic furniture. Safety first!

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are genuinely our own. This post may contain affiliate links and we earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It doesn’t cost you any extra. Thank you for your continued support to keep Making It!

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  1. I just finished this desk for my grandson. He loves it! Thanks for the inspiration! I burned on bottom of desk “made with love, Grandma. Just so he won’t forget😁

  2. Sooo… You nailed the top down and are suggesting screwing it down as an alternative. What happens when the wood expands and contracts through the seasons?

  3. My aunt needs one of these for her living room. She needs a TV stand and picture display console. Thanks for another great idea.

  4. Ana this was inspiring for me and also it’s so beautifully designed and so simple 💪😍🤓 keep going simple is always perfect 👌
    And here's my subscribe U deserve it

  5. Hi. i'm from belarus. I also do woodworking. You do interesting things. Visit my page on the social network in contact https://vk.com/id200570259 . There are a lot of interesting things there . i will be happy to talk to you.

  6. Привет. Я из Белоруссии. Так же занимаюсь деревообработкой. Вы делаете интересные вещи. Побывайте у меня на странице в социальной сети в контакте https://vk.com/id200570259 . Там много интересного . Буду рад пообщаться.

  7. ana, have you had previous experience in building? i want to gauge if i can do it. so far im 6 videos in and i want to make it all. i dont have building experience. i didnt even take wood shop in school. i took architecture and home economics. i can build a dress and building a house is similar. you start from the foundation, right. i must say that im an expert when it comes to those furniture you put together but ikea alredy cut them so all i have to do is put it together.

    your version, im responsible to cut and put it together. i dont have a workshop and saw and most of the big eqipment you have.

  8. Ana, question pls! I really want to make this as a small kitchen table which means I would not want the foot rest on the bottom. Does the top make it sturdy enough? Or what could I do to make it sturdy enough to use as a small kitchen table for my small apt, but w/o the footrest? Thank you so much!

  9. I love the desk. I will be building one hopefully on my days off. A few things I will change though are that I will use a lap joint for the x's as you mentioned. I'm going to use pocket holes or dows for the legs. If I use dow's I will have them a darker color and show from the outside contrast. Lastly, for the tabletop, I think I will take a router and go around the edges and glue the top together before assembling it. This was an awesome video as are all your other videos.

  10. You are the best!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you… I have learned so much from you. I was wondering if you could do a video for a master closet organization system… I need to do one for my master closet and I have watched many but nobody does it like you!!!!

  11. I just had to laugh my ass off at the house you just think he is so cute and then when he was talking about his arms being more flailing throughout the video and you just couldn’t hold back but to laugh at him LOL you guys are so cute.

  12. I just found your channel and just had to subscribe by the end of the video because you’re so cute and so funny together and Wow… Great job you guys seriously, you did a really really good job I love it. I can’t get over the stain on the top and the white on the bottom how great it looks that’s so awesome good job.

  13. How did you guys seal the top since it's going to be a work surface?? Thanks! Love how approachable y'all are and how easy you made the build look. I've done smaller projects but anything big is intimidating BUT I WANT TO MAKE THIS! Thanks for the inspo!

  14. You two are the best! I love how Kim just smiles as Garrett talks with so much animation and every once in a while cuts her eyes over to glance at him, then just smiles or giggles.


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