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Industrial Wood Planer30” Wadkin thicknesser first test run!

30” Wadkin thicknesser first test run!

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30” Wadkin thicknesser first test run!

30” Wadkin thicknesser first test run!

No more messing around. Say goodbye to tear out with the G0603X – 25″ 15 HP 3-Phase Extreme Duty Planer w/ Helical Cutterhead from Grizzly Industrial.

Our G0603X has an incredible 15 HP motor to make quick work of those big planing jobs. It also features a unique helical cutterhead with 15° rotated inserts for smooth shearing cuts – meaning you can say goodbye to tear-out – while having an ultra quiet machine and a smoother finish. We’ve even added digital controls to allow you to simply enter the thickness of the board you want or the amount you want to remove, which saves time and reduces waste. All controls are conveniently located. And because it’s a Grizzly Extreme Series®, you can be assured that your machine will provide years of reliable service.

More details available on our website at: https://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-25-15-HP-3-Phase-Extreme-Duty-Planer-w-Helical-Cutterhead/G0603X

Stay tuned for more woodworking tools, tips, and projects!

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  1. Hello mate. Bit jealous of your machine there. Just a wee note tho, if you avoid letting the end of your boards come in contact with the concrete. Your planer will stay sharp much longer. It avoids ingrained grit being passed through the machine

  2. That thing is an absolute beast! I bet lights all over town dim a bit when that starts up. You have to be loving your new setup. Good for you!

  3. Congrats on epic upgrade – from the box planer in the beginning. Now you only need upgrading to massive helical cutter head, in/out feed tables with roles, a zillion CFM blower, 10" stainless ducts, a super cyclone tower, double 0.0001 micron filters with 200 gal bins …….. hey, and dont forget automatic fire control (I just witnessed one in a large pro shop so that's my serious part). One caramel eats the next.

  4. Hi Szilard; it seems to be a great piece of machinery you bought here !!
    I wish you much much pleasure with those big and beautiful slabs


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