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2x4 Scrap Wood Projects2x4 Table From Scrap Wood (Recycle)

2×4 Table From Scrap Wood (Recycle)

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I need a new table for my office/studio. Guess I’ll build one.

Need a planer? https://amzn.to/2Q2cAic

Where did the wood come from?

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My grandfather was a rough carpenter, but a fine craftsman. His tiny workshop always had lumber stacked up in all four corners. He wouldn’t throw anything away unless he was working in there during the winter, then he’d use the scrap lumber for heat in the wood stove.
I never was allowed to do much wood work growing up, but still I learnt a lot from him. He took the time to show me how and why he was doing something a certain way and it stuck with me all my life. Now I’m older and have slowed down a lot so that I may enjoy my life instead of working my guts out all day long.
I’m not to good at the you-tubing bit right yet but hopefully the quality and quantity of my videos will get better as is my building of wood projects.
Here’s a little video on using that scrap piece of wood that’s been underfoot and putting it to some use. I hope you all enjoy.
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  1. Nice build! I’ve wanted a planer for a longtime. Now that I source my own wood for knife handles, it would really come in handy

  2. I really like that idea I've been teaching my older sons my table saw this would be great thing to teach them


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