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Woodworking Events210 - Woodworking in America 2013

210 – Woodworking in America 2013

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Woodworking in America is a conference held every year by the folks at Popular Woodworking Magazine. The conference features classes from various woodworking experts, a bustling vendor floor where you can quickly max out your credit cards, and numerous official and unofficial after-hours events. Personally, my favorite aspect of the show is the camaraderie. More than any other woodworking event, WIA brings out the online woodworkers. That means I get to put faces with the names I’ve been communicating with for years. And for the first time ever, all three co-hosts of Wood Talk were in the same place at the same time. The result of that can be heard in Wood Talk #154: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/woodtalk/wood-talk-154-woodworking-in-america-2013

While I’d love to show you extensive footage of the classes, that just isn’t possible. There are always intellectual property hurdles and not to mention, video/audio quality concerns. So this video shows a few highlights and then focuses primarily on the vendors. It’s always fun to see new tools I’ll probably never buy and the vendors usually aren’t shy about discussing their products.

We talked with:



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  1. Those tools are beautiful but I can’t picture most woodworkers buying some of them. Shooting boards I think all hand tools workers have made. Bench planes are not overly difficult to make. Just a little time. That mallet was nice but $145 !! Lol. I can make it myself for like 30$. I actually just made 2 mallets the other day out of scraps I have. One is basswood the other red oak. I’m about to make a couple more. One walnut and another cherry. Just because I have all these scraps and really have nothing else to use them for and I know a couple friends that would like them. They are beautiful tools tho and I do wish them the best. I guess I’ll just never understand why some woodworkers make hand tools out of wood for other wood workers to buy.

  2. These tools are out of your price range? Can't Daneb hook you up for with that plow plane for the free advertising?

  3. Excellent! Could you do me a favor and email at scott (at) scottmeekwoodworks (dot) com? Your name didn't get saved during the purchase and I couldn't remember who had bought what. I like to keep in touch with those that purchase my planes. Have a great day and happy planing.

  4. Thanks Scott. What better way to sharpen your smother plane than with a Lie-Nielsen honing guide.
    I'm the guy that bought your mesquite and black wood smother at WIA. I LOVE IT!

  5. thanks Marc ps also thanks for swing but the guy from hock i wondered if you were thinking of me when you stooped by his table lol (was a little curious if they had anything like that at the conference)


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