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Rockler Store Near Me2020 Rockler Exclusive VIP Store Tour | Rockler Woodworking

2020 Rockler Exclusive VIP Store Tour | Rockler Woodworking

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Join us for an exclusive tour of a Rockler store and a behind the scenes tour of our Product Development Department. Thank you to all of our loyal customers!

Find a store near you at: https://www.rockler.com/retail/stores/

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Find the best woodworking products and innovations at: http://www.rockler.com/v

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  1. Just goes to show…you can’t please everyone! In these pandemic days I enjoyed the humor 👍✌️😊🙏🏼⚒⚒⚒⚒

  2. Love your stores and operation – I would have enjoyed the video more had it been more serious and less nauseatingly cute – save the barnyard humor and focus on facts and capabilities.

  3. I get it! Quarantine fun! Should have went a step further and offer a give away with your tour 😉 …Like that T-track table or the Festool cutting system or some bench cookies or something! Liked the new tools segment…I’m a novice wood worker, I found your video very informative. Thanks 👍


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