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Woodworking Events2019 Woodworking Show

2019 Woodworking Show

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I decided that I would visit the 2019 Woodworking show and film on location for this week’s show. I apologize for the fluctuating sound quality as this was my first on location shoot and it was a bit of an experiment.
Future on location shoots will improve as I have to opportunity to test the equipment and figure out volume levels.

One of the vendors that I met there was Kim, from a small business called Wooden It and they she some seriously beautiful woodworking projects for sale. Please check out her wares at www.woodenit.ca. You can also get in touch with her at info@woodenit.ca

If you are interested in the chopstick making jig, you can find it here. http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=77250&cat=1,77205

If you are interested in a subscription to Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement magazine, you can visit their website at https://www.canadianwoodworking.com/current-issue?gclid=CjwKCAiA8OjjBRB4EiwAMZe6y7jKmEKAfp3IiyILpDHsrgis46lMbW9rMUZr_90I11aPlP-ejV0kKxoCrYQQAvD_BwE

I hope you enjoy this week’s show. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe and as always, thank you for tuning in to the program. I appreciate all of your support.
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Great video Ken something defo different for your Tuesday channel, it looks like you had a great time with your wife.
    I saw at the beginning that you went in the wrong door, i wondered if you had done it deliberately to lose your wife, then you go into the Woodworking part ha ha ha only joking Mrs K.
    It's a pity we don't have one that's nearer for me to attend by public transport as i don't drive, but i have heard of a show in Birmingham (the UK one), but it's miles away from me, but it would have been interesting to see one.
    Anyway great video again Ken see you in the next one.
    Barry (ENG)

  2. You’re a legend Kenny, had to laugh you walked in the wrong door mate but never mind, festool is trade quality gear but way out of my price range however woodworking shows are loads of fun, at ours we can get slabs cheap & admire the other stuff lol, thanks for sharing & I thoroughly enjoyed it 🎥🎥🔨🔨👍👍👍👍

  3. Good vid man. Never heard of that mag before. First half could of been worse..imagine walking into a live lingerie show with the wife..😲.. "IT WAS A MISTAKE I SWEAR"… LOL. Last shot I was totally waiting for you to hit the unopened door for a bloop. Take care, say hi to the wife…peace.

  4. Ken, great review of the show. Are you looking into a new career as a broadcast journalist? If so you would do quite well I think. Who did the camera work? At first I thought it was your better half but then she was in many of the shots. No matter who it was they deserve kudos for the fine job. Woodworking shows are a lot of fun and I admire the fact that you were able to leave with your wallet and plastic intact…LOL. Thanks for the interesting “Alternative Tuesday”.

  5. Nice video and the sort of place you wish you had a spare suitcase full of cash to spend! I'd have taken a day off work to go if it was not 4000 miles away. I need to find one in the UK. The 30" Excelsior was not much more than my EX30 but mine has a few more upgrades over here such as the Pegas blade clamp and NVR switch. Love the scroll saw and my circles are getting better!

  6. Thanks for letting us ride along. Enjoyed it.

    If your in need of a sander, Festool is the only way to go IMHO. Connect an extractor and no more airborne dust. The same goes with most of their tools. They are well worth saving up the pennies for. And customer service is fantastic. Thanks again. JimE

  7. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't able to attend the show so it was nice to see what I missed. These shows are great fun not only for adults but also kids. I have been going with my son since he was little and he always had a great time. One year he plopped himself down beside an older gentleman who was doing woodcarving. The gent spent an hour teaching my son how to carve. Another year he found a guy doing woodturning and decided to talk with him for an hour. These shows are filled we nice folks who love sharing their passion for their hobbies. Did Mrs. Earrings manage to make sure that your wallet stayed in your pocket? I know too well the lure of Lee Valley. I don't think there are many pages of their catalog where there isn't something that I own. By the way, you made a video a while ago about the wooden thread making tool. Did you ever use it in a project?

  8. Thanks for another great video. My wife would enjoy going to a wood show but keep a tight grip on the check book 🙂

  9. nice video Ken and the prices for goodies is comparable with the UK good alternative Tuesday look forward to your next one

  10. Great to see. Sure miss the show they used to have in Ottawa. My 22"dinosaur was recently replaced with the 30"Excelsior and I love it. I am getting a bit cramped in my workshop as well but I need that smaller dust collection system, I think that was from Busy Bee. Going to Ottawa this weekend and check it out. Maybe they will give me a show deal. Here's hoping.


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