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2 in 1 router table pt,2 fence||Building 2 in 1 router table fence||Amazing fence,how to make 2 in 1 router table fence, making 2 in 1 router table fence I...
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Inca Jointer Planer

Woodworking Talk

My Newest Woodworking Project and talk about current Live Stream Issues

https://teespring.com/stores/box-van-dee You can support me on my channel by visiting or purchasing Merchandise from my Tee Spring store at: https://teespring.com/stores/box-van-dee Or visiting my...

New Digs for my woodworking workshop – I hate my camera – PLANE TALK 27 August 2017

In today's episode we take a sneak peek at the new home of my woodworking workshop. But I really hate how this video camera does...

Have You Visited WoodworkingTalk Lately?

Have You Visited WoodworkingTalk.com Lately? https://www.woodworkingtalk.com/ Burdge’s talk will focus on how there is hope for students who don’t seek a traditional four-year college degree and...

Grow Your Woodworking Business with Social Media / GA Woodworkers Guild Talk

In this video I discuss how you can use various social media platforms to grow your woodworking business. I also will be answering some...

Irwin Chisels

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Common Wood Joints


Wood joinery

Must Read

Everything you need to know about woodworking plans.

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Wood Projects

Traditional Woodworking

Amazing Traditional Japan Woodworking Skills//Making a Unique One-Legged Table//Homemade Woodworking

Super simple project from wood // Great product with a unique way of making #Woodworking #YHomemade ★Thank for watching! ★Please like, share, and subscribe our Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoEPAm37r7ooF5q7_Mu3OBw Click here to get Teds...

How to setup a Jointer | The Best Method | Woodworking P6

This is the best way to setup a jointer. Wood working Jointer Knives can be a pain but this is the most accurate...

Harbor Freight Ratcheting Quick Clamps Review

can you have too many clamps? Harbor Freight Ratcheting Quick Clamps Review Click here to get Teds 16,000 Woodworking Projects

I invented an energy efficient clothes drying machine – Easy Woodworking Project.

On a rainy day a Workshop 2 We needed a place to dry our clothes. The house does not have central heating, we rely in...

Wood Carving Projects

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Woodworking Plans Garden